WOD 20080422

CFWU x 2

Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Got your attention! Today, I want everyone to find somewhere where they can practice negative pull-ups. Negatives are done by jumping or climbing up to the top position of a pull up and lowering yourself down as slowly as you can to full arm extension. It is important to try to keep control the whole way down. One year ago when I tried to do these, I used to plummet like a stone to the bottom, so I know how some of you may feel when you first do these. Only do the Rx amount; you will feel these tomorrow. If you don’t have a pull-up bar at home, go out to a jungle gym or low swing set. You don’t have to do these in conjuncture with the warm up, if you have time/child restrictions, break them into a separate mini-workout. Just do them.

This video is just for fun.

2 thoughts on “WOD 20080422

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  1. I did five negative pull ups. And by five, I mean I did one real one, and then four times where I just hung by the bar and tried not to let go. πŸ™‚


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