WOD 20080428

Two minutes cardio (your choice), Samson Stretch, CFWUx3

Thrusters 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Strength Day again.  You will do seven sets of one rep each of thrusters (get to those in a minute). You want to do a proper warm-up and make sure your focus is on form not intensity: no clock.  Then you will want to ramp up slowly before trying to go for your one rep max (1RM)  on a thruster.  Really only those of you working out in a gym are going to be able to go for your 1RM.  Most of you will not get very high on the numbers and that is OK.  Go slowly, give yourself a rest between sets.  If you find your 1RM before hitting seven sets, then finish out the number of sets left with that weight.  

If you are at home, you may want to go “austere.”  That means you can use any heavy object to do seven sets with.  It should be pretty heavy.  A good one is to fill an empty gallon jug with water or sand. I’ve used my toddler before, LOL.  

A thruster is a front squat (squat holding the weight/bar at shoulder in front of you) that finishes with a push press.  Here are the Mac and Windows demos of the thruster by some of CF’s elites.

Believe you can, and you can.

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