Thursday WOD 20080724


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

CFOZ version

Two minutes of cardio (your choice), samson stretch, CFWU x 3 (x 2 if in first two weeks of WODs)

Three rounds, 21, 15, and 9 reps, for time of:
Pvc pipe thruster
Jumping pull-up/Standing pulls (see Exercises Page)

Post time to comments.

In this WOD you do one round of 21 thrusters and 21 pull-ups, the second round as 15 thrusters and 15 pull-ups and the LAST round as 9 thrusters and 9 pull-ups. “Fran” is one of the girls near and dear (or hated and despised) to the heart of many CrossFitters. She is almost considered a right of passage…be very weary of her. At my Level I cert, Coach Glassman described how she came to be born back in his parents garage when he was seventeen years old…and yes he met Pukie that same day too!

Here (Win)(Mac) is a the fastest recorded version of Fran. Josh Bridges of CrossFit San Diego received his Navy SEAL trident the Friday before this was recorded.

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