Monday WOD 20090323


For time:
150 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball

CFOZ version

Two minutes of cardio (your choice), samson stretch, CFWU x 3 (x 2 if in first two weeks of WODs)

30 Wallball shots, 6 pound ball thrown to an 8 foot target

Post time to comments.

You can make your own medball by filling a basketball with sand to the desired weight. Another sub, if you have no equipment, is to do jumping squats with an overhead clap. Make sure you are breaking parallel at the bottom of your squats. Here is Brendan Gilliam performing “Karen,” back in day, at the original HQ.

Wallball Karen (Win)(Mac). Demo courtesy of CrossFit.comPost time to comments.

2 thoughts on “Monday WOD 20090323

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  1. Yes, as long as you are in a condition where you can complete 150 clapping jumping squats without making yourself so sore that you give yourself Rhabdo. I suggest you check the main site for what rhabdo is before you make that decision. If this is your first CF WOD, I would say to scale it.

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