Master Crossfitters’ guide to using Preparation H

Chances are if you ask 50 different crossfitters what they use if they rip their hands during Fran, you’ll get about 50 different answers. I’ve been advocating for Preparation H since my first rip. It was recommended to me by my gymnast friend who’s been using it for years.

Crossfitters of a certain age

Ha! Made ya click!

Who wouldn’t read a blog with that headline? But seriously, this is a problem all of us will experience: Ripped hands.

You’re going to be doing pull-ups someday and your hands will feel a little uncomfortable. Kinda hot and stingy. You look at them and notice some of the skin is kind of bunched up where your fingers meet your palm.

But it doesn’t hurt too much so you keep going and BAM! You just ripped the skin off your hand.

At first there will be sympathy: “Oh, man. That sucks.” “Wow, that had to hurt.” “Bummer.” “Ouch” “Are you okay?” Then you will hear stories of how others ripped the skin off their hands. It’s kind of a rite of passage or hazing for Crossfitters.

Finally, you will hear a litany of weird remedies: Diaper cream. Chapstick. Neosporin. BandAids. No BandAids. Tea bags. Udder cream…

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