Summer Whole30 Challenge Starts May 4

We start our next Whole30 challenge on May 4th (May the fourth be with you), so prep your food, clean out your fridge and pantry and let’s do this.

I will be posting helpful resources to the CFOZ website and Facebook page but, is your one stop shop for rules, recipes and helpful hints.

The rules for our challenge are pretty simple: 1. Follow a NO SUGAR paleo diet for 30 days straight. 2. Drink enough water. At least half your body weight in ounces. 3. Workout/rest according to your plan. 4. Sleep 7 hours or more.

Check in daily here.  This will help determine the points at the end.

Keep track of your food. I’ll ask you to see your food log at random. Just keep a notebook, post-its, MyFitnessPal etc with your food.

Check ingredients! Seriously, soy and sugar are in everything. Look for the fancy science names for sugar and soy, too. Make sure the food is Whole30 compliant before you eat it.

Know what to expect, make sure you know that you’re not going crazy, it’s just the sugar withdrawal (and it doesn’t last long)

Here’s some recipes for Whole30. (If you find one you love let me know.)

What’s even better than recipes? Meal plans with grocery lists!


Talk to your coach for more details and to get signed up.


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