CrossFit O-Zone: Creating a Fit Community

At CrossFit O-Zone we are creating a community of fit individuals and families based on the principle of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity.”

At CFOZ you will jump, run, row, push, pull, lift, carry and learn to move your body the way it was designed to move. By joining one of our small group classes you have the benefit of working out under the supervision of a Certified CrossFit Coach every class. Sessions are scaled to the abilities of each athlete, ensuring you receive the most effective and safe experience for meeting your fitness goals. CrossFit is for everyone, no matter what your fitness level or goal.

What to expect from us:

• Intense, effective workouts
• Coaching that is focused on your goals
• Support from your coach and fellow athletes, each workout
• Lower body fat
• Increased lean body mass
• Improved cardiovascular endurance
• Lower overall heart rate
• Lowered stress
• A better night’s sleep
• A community of athletes, who are as invested in improving, as you are
• Measurable achievements
• The confidence that comes from setting goals and meeting them
• Nutritional support
• And a little friendly competition doesn’t hurt…

CrossFit’s benefits go beyond the gym. Physically, you see the changes happening to your clothing size and figure, but mentally, crossfitters experience a subtle shift. Little by little, the sense of achievement you experience every day in the gym translates to other areas of your life. Many say CrossFit changes lives, and most of these are not trainers. Learn to set goals here, and have the support you need to achieve them, and then see where you can apply that same power outside of the gym.

Mission Statement: To build a community of fit athletes and families by providing excellence in coaching, a strong support network, accountability, and guidance. We understand that health and fitness are both a physical and mental process, and we want our community of athletes to be able to take the benefits of CrossFit into all aspects of their lives.

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