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MEMBERSHIP:  We are currently not accepting new clients, sorry for any inconvenience.


Why does CrossFit cost more than a regular (globo) gym?
The answer is that you are getting far more for much less. When I used to go to a globo gym, my membership was $35/month. That got me use of the equipment and absolutely no guidance on what to do with it. If I wanted someone to show me what to do, and how to do it properly, I had to pay an additional $85/hour. That means, for one month of membership with one personal training session a week, I was paying $375/month! At CFOZ, for less than half the price, you will get a trainer programming your workouts, supervising your form and guiding you on the path to proper nutrition.

Why do I have to take CrossFit Foundations?
We believe you will receive the greatest benefit from our group sessions by learning the Nine Foundational Movements of CrossFit in small, technique-focused sessions with our coaches. Once you have completed the CF Foundations class you are free to sign-up for a the membership of your choice. If you cannot make the scheduled class time or you need more time to ease into CrossFit, you have the option of doing the sessions one-on-one with one of our coaches.

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