Whole30 Starts Tomorrow

Clean out your fridge and your pantry. Throw stuff out or put it in a cabinet you can't reach. If you don't have junk in your house to eat, you're not going to eat it! If you're on the fence, talk to your coach and get signed up! You can do it! The hardest part... Continue Reading →

Get ready! We're doing a Whole30 Nutrition Challenge! The Whole30 Challenge is a 30-day nutrition challenge that takes a Paleo-based approach to eating. Par for course, you’ll eat meat, veggies, some fruit and good fats. While there are quite a few programs that transition people to a Paleo diet for healthier living, we believe Whole30 offers the... Continue Reading →

Friday WOD 20141205

  21-15-9-9-15-21 Med Ball Cleans Burpees We will be closed this Saturday, December 6. Come cheer on CFOZ at Partners and Foursomes at Venture Crossfit in Atlanta!

Clean Eating Challenge Freebie

If you're having a hard time figuring out what to eat Buzzfeed is also doing a clean eating challenge and provides some great advice (and recipes). BuzzFeed’s Clean Eating Challenge - Feel Like A Champion At Life They provide two weeks worth of clean eating recipes as well as a grocery list, helpful hints and a .gif... Continue Reading →

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