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Better upper back extension-izer – Mobility WOD



Simple Recipes for Back Pain – Mobility WOD


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Mobility WOD: Internal Shoulder Rotation and the Clean

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Show of  hands clicks, who’s interested in attending a yoga class?

Let’s put it in perspective. As CrossFitters, we can be hard on our bodies. Yoga and CrossFit are great compliments to each other. The benefits of yoga include:

·      Increased Flexibility
·      Improved Balance
·      Improve Range of Motion
·      Decrease recovery time
·      Decrease joint and muscle pain
·      Lower the risk of injury

So, let us know if you’re interested and when you think would be the best time.

Tight ankles = Bad Squatting

This is a super easy addition to your stretching when you come in. Grab a band, find a post out of the way and just sit for a bit. Try it before your squats and feel the difference.


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From Kelly Starret – Finding Torque to Create a Stabile Low Back

You know how the coaches are always yelling “knees out!”? Here’s one reason why:


Kelly Starrett is a great resource for all things mobility. I highly encourage you to subscribe to his YouTube channel, check out MobilityWod and just generally listen to everything he has to say.